Welcome to GEOG 370 Cartography!

From the Geography and Geospatial Science Program, Oregon State University

GEOG 370 is designed as an introduction to maps and their uses, in particular, as tools for communicating spatial information. Cartography is the study of maps. Maps are essential descriptive and analytical tools for many disciplines. They can help generate hypotheses, analyze data, and display results of investigations. In this course, you will be expected to make sophisticated observations regarding how maps influence and add to your understanding of the environment, the framework or structure inherent in maps, methods of extracting spatial data from maps, and essential strategies involved in displaying data on maps to support research conclusions or spatial decision making of any kind.

Corvallis Kid Friendly Recreational Locations
made by Scyon Lucas, David Ferguson, Ryan Byrne
Covered Bike Racks at Oregon State University
made by Nicholas Horn, Michael Cook
Corvallis Libraries Deliverables
made by Jessica Dodd, Jillian Pihulak and Declan Pizzino
Citizen science precipitation observing stations in Corvallis
made by Aradia Farmer and Jesse Evans
Nurseries and community gardens in and around Corvallis, Oregon
made by Aradia Farmer and Jesse Evans
Restaurants with Dietary Accommodations in Corvallis
made by Guillermo Jose Bermudez, Morgan Corrigan, and Lillian Hillyer
Where to get a drink in Corvallis
made by Taylor Johnston and Matthew Deley
Potential Effects of Agriculture on Corvallis Water
made by Natalie McDonald
Corvallis International Foodie
made by Courtney van Stolk, Jacob Parsons, and Heather Little
Lazy Outdoor User's Guide to Corvallis
made by John Samuelson & Ethan Donoghue
Corvallis Pizzarias
made by Kaya Trepp, Tara Arthur, Stewart Simmons
Bike shop locations/ designated bike paths in the Corvallis areaa
made by Dalton Stern and Jonny Schwartz